It’s Time: How to Boost Your Energy Level?

how to boost your energy level
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I know what you’re thinking Energy? How to boost your energy level? Who has that? 

It sounds difficult to maintain a ‘natural buzz’ with all the running you do all day. Maintaining a household, working outside the home or working at home, picking up after the children, answering to the many daily demands. 

You don’t have to turn to pills or caffeine-laced drinks to change your day from dreary to vibrant. It’s as easy as looking in your kitchen cabinets.

We are bombarded on a daily basis with the same old adages: Eat and drink right, work out and sleep enough hours, but do we really know what that means? I will try to break it down for you.

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Eating and Drinking Right

Nutritionists claim that if you choose the wrong foods those foods can deplete your energy. 

More importantly, if you do not eat frequently enough and eat too many sugary foods this will also deplete your energy. It is evident that too much sugar will bring on energy crashes. 

To avoid energy crashes it is best to choose foods that are less processed, contain less sugar and a wiser choice would be to eat fruits instead.

Just as sugar is not good for the energy sources in your body, salty foods are just as bad. 

Salty foods will make you feel sluggish and bloated because it is taking the energy from your body to try to dilute the salt and in turn, you are losing water as well. The best choice is to replace salt with spices.

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Avoid the sugary breakfast treats and opt for protein instead. 

Protein takes longer to digest so it will maintain your energy longer. A nutritionist named Lyssi Lakatos also suggests this trick: ‘have a spoonful of honey before you go to bed. 

She says the honey fuels restoration, which means you will wake up in the morning feeling stronger.

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Exercise builds energy. When we exercise our metabolic rate increases and even though we are working harder it seems like we have more energy because we are burning calories efficiently. 

It is best to work out in the morning or afternoon. 

Since it takes time for your body to relax after an intense workout, exercising in the evening may affect your sleep.


In order for our bodies to function to their optimum level, it is wise to let your body rest and it rests more efficiently when we sleep. In order to get a good night’s sleep, our brain needs tryptophan. 

Tryptophan is an amino acid that is a precursor to both serotonin (the feel-good chemical) and melatonin (promotes sleep). 

By choosing balanced meals you will trigger the amino acid and get a restful sleep. To get the most effect from tryptophan you will need to combine it with carbohydrates. 

So eating a full turkey meal will not do the trick but eating with bread will be best. Protein and carbohydrates are a good mix. Getting a good night’s rest has a significant impact not only now but also on your health 25 years from now.

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Some Quick Tips to Boost Your Energy Level

  • Have a Snack: try grabbing a handful of nuts. Pistachios are a great choice. They contain the lowest calories, lowest fat and highest fiber.
  • Change your environment: I don’t mean to move but I do mean to get up and walk around. Have you been inside all day? Go outside and get a change of scenery. This will not only stimulate your senses it will energize your brain so when you go back inside you will feel livelier and energized.
  • Give your muscles air: Our muscles need oxygen and blood to move, if we are sitting for long periods of time our muscles will not operate efficiently. Get the blood flowing and release some stress, by moving your joints. Swing your arms and legs and get some range of motion back in them, giving your muscles air.
  • Have a drink: No, not alcoholic beverages! Have some tea, yes tea! Tea contains and amino acid by the name of theanine, which creates calmness while establishing alertness. The caffeine will provide the quick boost as well. Don’t like tea? Try chilled water. The cold water will not only wake you up, you will be hydrating your body which is needed to carry oxygen and nutrients to your muscles.

Apply some of these tricks and you too will have a boost in energy needed to conquer your day!


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