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Many people have now switched to a non-aluminum deodorant. Why? There are safety issues surrounding aluminum and according to the National Library of Medicine, there are more than 2000 references about the effects of aluminum, and this research reveals that there are more than 30 known diseases connected to aluminum.

Aluminum salts used in most antiperspirants have detrimental effects on mice, dogs, and non-human primates. So, what is it doing to humans?

Aluminum Can Cause DNA Damage

According to Pub, US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health,

“Aluminum is a neurotoxin that affects diverse metabolic reactions.

“The same source said that it has been shown to cause DNA damage, have adverse epigenetic effects, and also affect the blood-brain barrier.

First recognized as a neurotoxin in 1886, aluminum is the family name to describe aluminum and alum salts. Alum salts are considered part of the aluminum family if they respond to the element AL (aluminum).

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Can Damage The Function of Nervous Tissue

Mosby’s Medical Dictionary states that a neurotoxin is a toxin that acts directly on the tissues of the central nervous system. Traveling along with the axis cylinders of the motor nerves to the brain.

It happens to be “A substance that damages, destroys, or impairs the functioning of nerve tissue.” (Source: The Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine.)

There is a Suspected Link Between Alzheimer’s Disease and The Toxicity of Aluminum

What’s more, according to the International Chemical Safety Card from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, adults have died when they ingested 30 grams (1 ounce) of aluminum.

It is not only corrosive to ingestion, it irritates the skin, eyes, and respiratory tract. When the World Health Organization in 1993 said, “There is a suspected link between Alzheimer’s disease and the toxicity of aluminum.”

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Aluminum Can Cause Renal Dysfunction

According to the. U.S. Food and Drug Administration, “People with renal dysfunction may not be aware that the daily use of antiperspirant drug products containing aluminum may put them at a higher risk because of exposure to aluminum in the product,”

The FDA also warns those who have renal dysfunction to consult a doctor before they use an antiperspirant with aluminum.

Aluminum Salts Can Penetrate Human Underarm Skin

According to The Journal of Applied Toxicology, March 2006, and Dr. Ray Sanhelian, “Studies also have demonstrated that aluminum salts can penetrate human underarm skin even if it is unbroken.”When applied under the arms, close to the breast, and left on the skin, deodorants with aluminum salts enter the bloodstream more easily.

If you look at the ingredient labels of most underarm antiperspirants and deodorants, you will note they contain aluminum salts.

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Now there is concern that this could increase a woman’s risk for breast cancer. Did you know that metals including cadmium and aluminum salts have been shown to exert estrogen-like effects?

This promotes the growth of breast cancer cells in the Laboratory. So, because we have observed many other substances that can mimic estrogens, such as detergents, pesticides, and cosmetics.

It is highly possible that aluminum salts could further disrupt normal hormonal signaling in the female breast.

We all looking for safer ways to survive in today’s society. So, it may be wise to seek a true non-aluminum deodorant.

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